In His Shoes is an organization which rallies support for those who suffer in the world. 
In His Shoes was created in response to acts of Genocide perpetrated against the Armenian nation in 1915.
We believe those who have suffered evil have a unique responsibility to take action against injustice to others.
Our actions are based on Christ’s principles of love, compassion and repaying evil with good.


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In His Shoes Logo by Siroon Yeretzian


CandlelightThat their light may always shine...

The Annual Children's Memorial Service took place on Sunday, December 13, 2009. Father Vazken led a group in Glendale. Hear his reflections on this week's "Next Step" podcast at

Download the flyer with all the details
Download the PRESS RELEASE

The Joy of Personal Responsibility in Action Image
i-ACT: the Joy of Personal Responsibility in Action
(our dirty little secret) A night of community, supporting i-ACT’s efforts to put a face on the numbers of dead, dying, and displaced in Darfur.Took place on December 7, in Hollywood. In His Shoes participated with a call to action by Fr. Vazken. It was Stop Genocide Now’s i-ACT team in a night of video, conversation, and food. (See photos from event). The personal growth and enrichment that comes from being a part of a new culture of participation will shine through bright and clear. Find out more at

In His Shoes has a voice:
epostle studioAs part of the expanding vision of the In His Shoes Mission, new media has been explored and used during the past several years to deliver the unique message of change. Nine years ago, in 2000, was born and produced the first Divine Liturgy streamed on the net (on Easter Sunday). Since then, ePostle has taken charge of being the vehicle for "apostolic evangelism in an electronic world." In 2008, the weekly podcast "Next Step with Fr. Vazken" was launched and has received the acclaim of critics, being featured on Apple's iTunes with a worldwide audience. The podcast explores issues of modern life through the lens of "Armodoxy," a brand of Armenian Orthodoxy. The episodes are archived at and at iTunes and always available free of charge. On September 9, 2009 the new "Questions in Faith" series was launched. Every Wednesday evening (7:30PST) log on and join a live session! Click HERE to see archived sessions as well as join the broadcasts on Wednesdays. Questions are entertained via net. Of course, Southern Californias can join the sessions in person at the Youth Ministries Center - see the flyer for more details or join us on the net at Pictured above: the studio (left to right) Ken Nalik, engineer; Suzie Shatarevyan, producer and Fr. Vazken Movsesian.
Armenia thru my eyes...
TzolerMaral A journey from the US to Armenia, took one more stop in Glendale, when Tzoler Aghamal and Maral DerSarkissian, both Birthright volunteers, presented an evening of memories called "Armenia through my eyes" at the Youth Ministries' Center. The informative talk took place on October 9 and was followed by question and answers. To learn more about the Birthright opportunity, visit them at This presentation is part of the ongoing commitment of the In His Shoes Ministry to bring quality educational programming to the community. (Archive flyer)
In Her Mittens Pt.2

Fr. Vazken has posted an update on burn-victim Mariam Torgomyan. Also, there are several ways that people can help. Read more by visiting Fr. Vazken's blog.

In Her Mittens
mariam"Mariam Torgomyan is an 18 year old girl from Armenia. In 1993, Mariam burned both her hands while trying to heat water on the stove. She has NO functional use of the left hand and restricted use of the right hand. She has difficulty performing basic life activities and requires continuous assistance from her mother." Read more Fr. Vazken's blog has further details on Mariam, who will be visiting the U.S. on July 29, 2009 to begin reconstructive surgery. There are a number of ways our community can reach out. Please find out how you can help.
A Call for a Juvenile Justice System That Heals
juvenile justiceSunday,May 24, we joined over 200 congregations and faith based groups for “Juvenile Justice Sabbath” at the Armenian Church Youth Ministries Center in Glendale, CA and offered special prayers during the Holy Divine Liturgy for incarcerated children. Want to learn more and find out what you can do? Here's a page with A DOZEN THINGS YOU COULD DO
Also, read the case against Warren Goodman, serving in prison for a crime he did not commit!
"Famine" raises money for Genocide victims
Over the April 24 weekend, a young group of people fasted and prayed. In the end, they collected close to $30,000 which is now being matched by private and public funds - for a 30 Hour Famine logopossible $150,000. The money will be used to buy food for children in the Darfuri refugee camps (in Chad). Famine participants broke their fast with Holy Communion Sunday morning, April 26, 2009 at the Armenian Church Youth Ministries Center, in Glendale, CA. Watch for full story and pictures. donate Stay informed on DARFUR at Stop Genocide Now and sign up to fast at

GET DVD of Fr. Vazken's GCC talk - "Leveraging"

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.-Martin Luther King Jr.

During the month of April, Fr, Vazken spoke at schools, colleges and universities about the increasing need to take the "Next Step" in Genocide commemorations and recognitions. His is a clear call for "leveraging" small amounts of energy to move great masses. A DVD of Fr. Vazken's talk at GCC is now available and will be sent as a thank you gift to donors to the ministry. donate

Easter Print Release "RISE"
by Gregory Beylerian


17" x 22", Edition of 100, signed and numbered

(The original 30" x 40" artwork will be available for $5,000)

Artist will donate 50% to our ministry!

Obama in Turkey: al-Bashir with Arab League?

This coming Monday, April 6, President Barack Obama will be in Turkey. If you're living in America, you've probably noticed (or are noticing) the large number of ads appearing in print, on radio and TV, encouraging travel to Turkey and the many "wonders" of the land and people. You know something’s up (read more)
Taste the Nations: Feed the World

Watch for pictures and . Download flyer for details.

Ticket donation is $25. Click to purchase: ticket purchase button

Instead of Mourning a Genocide, Stand Against One!
On Tuesday, March 17, 2009 hundreds of demonstrators joined Stop Genocide Now, In His Shoes, Save Darfur, JWW, HOPE, along with Darfuris and other groups to demand immediate and decisive action to stop genocide in Darfur. Several leaders offered words and direction as to what must be done now, and Fr. Vazken gave the closing remarks (watch YouTube video below) recalling the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. We cannot, must not, and will not accept evil. During the rally official news came out that US President Barack Obama had named a special envoy to Sudan. This is a small victory, but only a beginning. This weekend we began making noise and will continue doing so until peace and justice for Darfur becomes a reality. You can do something right now! Send a text message to 90822 for Sen. Hillary Clinton asking her to support the ICC and implement a no-flight zone over Darfur. Below you'll find a special podcast edition of the iTunes The Next Step with Fr. Vazken dedicated to Darfur as well as flickr photos and youtubevideo's from the rally.

Darfur Genocide Escalates
Recorded March 18, 2008

Click to Play


Demonstrations of solidarity with DARFUR

In His Shoes has been been out on the streets, with signs and posters, calling attention to what's going on in Darfur. The world must not keep silent. One of the signs we held up today read "Silence supports genocide". So, we're out there, making noise. Please join us in front of the Federal Building in West LA.

Fr. Vazken has been blogging on location. Follow and read updates at his blog.

Drawing Darfur messages on the sidewalk Darfur refugee camp Calling attention to Darfur


  • 8th Annual MLK Retreat

    Aravod LoosoIn His Shoes hosted the 8th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Retreat at Rancho La Sherpa Retreat Center on the scenic mountains of Goleta, California. The retreat began Saturday morning, January 15 and commenced on Monday, January 17, 2011 with breakfast at Sambo's on the downtown Santa Barabara shoreline. This year's theme was “A Call to Conscience – Living Life with Principles”. Fr. Vazken Movsesian was the Retreat Master.
    Throughout the weekend, participants engaged in various sessions listening and studying the works of MLK followed by discussions and reflections on the study materials and what it means for us today. Saturday afternoon, Anahid Yahjian, a Senior at Occidental College who'd visited Rwanda during Summer 2010 teaching photography to Rwandan students gave a presentation on her visit and experience. Along with studying, writing, learning, and sharing, retreat attendees took advantage of the breathtaking views by participating in outdoor activities. This included a pre-dawn hike and Morning Service for the Early Birds and 2.5 hour hike to Screaming Rock. Another outdoor activitiy was nighttime Geocaching using flashlights to guide the way. This was a type of a high-tech treasure hunt that involved using a GPS to find and solve clues as part of a team. Sunday night, the group hiked up to an outdoor amphiteatre, built a fire and participated in a Drum Circle, but not before each person reflected on a favorite MLK quote. The evening concluded with a beautiful Badarak at Casa Grande, the house that became home for the weekend.
    Stay tuned for photos and stories to follow.

    Leveraging Love: The In His Shoes Philosophy

    Leveraging Love - the Armenian Genocide and the Next Step from Fr. Vazken Movsesian on Vimeo.

    Fr. Vazken Movsesian, speaks at the Genocide Commemoration at Glendale Community College, April 21, 2009, outlining the next step in remembering the Armenian Genocide and the ground work for the In His Shoes movement.
    Program: Gateways to Glendale College
    Host: Andra Verstraete
    Intro: Dr. Levon Marashlian, Professor of Political Science
    Director of Photography: Scott Stalnaker
    Originally aired on Charter Cable 15

    A hi-def version of this video is available on DVD by contacting In His Shoes.

    Christmas-past at a glance - Christmas always!

    Angelholly smallThe Cathia Hamparian Children’s Memorial – December 12; 7PM – was a candlelight service so “their light will shine.” This was a memorial unlike any other. We remembered all of our children by name. Download Flyer
    holly small The Grigor & Srbouhi Ter Ohanessian Thanksgiving Meals & Food Collection began with a special blessing and distribution of meals on Thanksgiving and continues through the holidays. We accept non-perishable foods and distribution is made to the homeless and the needy. Special prayer service at church took place on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 @ 7:30 pm. You can watch the archived service at epostle's Ustream page.
    holly smallThe Yvette Hakopian Toy Drive – Over 550 toys were distributed to abused and severely neglected children in the LA County shelters. Your generosity brightened Christmas day for a child who otherwise would not have felt the magic of this wonderful time of year. Many of you donated through our church's Amazon Wish List. Thank you!
    holly small The Mihran Tateossian Blanket Drive – handmade (sewn, knit, crocheted) blankets for children battling cancer and other iillnesses were delivered to Hungtington Hospital on December 22. The love and prayers that was put into every stitch was truly felt. View photos from the distribution day.
    holly smallChristmas Caroling @ Glendale Adventist  (1509 Wilson Terrace Glendale, CA 91206-4098) This annual event was canceled because of the storm and floods in and around the hospital. Still, some of the members showed up and so we went caroling, bringing Christmas cheer to the patients at Glendale Adventist Hospital. Photo album.
    holly smallChristmas Eve Service took place on Friday, December 24 @ 7PM at St. Peter Armenian Church & Youth Ministries Center. The service included Christmas Carols, Scriptures and Prayers - complete with Angels, Shepherds, and the Holy Family! An archived recording of the service is available for viewing. Also see pictures on Facebook.

    Christmas tree

    holly smallCelebrate with us at a special Christmas Dinner Dance on December 4, 2010.
    This event SOLD OUT! View photo album on Facebook.

    For a complete At A Glance look at all of the Advent/Christmas activities and programs please check the online calendar or download a flyer in PDF or JPEG.

    Christ is Born and Revealed!

    "In Her Mittens" is back home to Armenia
    Mariam finished final treatment
    After 10 months, 5 surgeries and plenty of prayers later, Mariam Torgomyan "In Her Mittens" is back to Armenia. On May 16, 2010, she turned 19 and our church community had a chance to wish her well. Her faith and the love she received from the church helped her heal and in turn, our open hearts allowed us to witness God's miracles through her. She has been such a blessing to us all and we wish her all the best!

    Fr. Vazken conducted an "exit interview" with Mariam (Next Step episode #102), which can be downloaded or streamed at Also, pictures from the Farewell/Birthday party are on Facebook.

    In His Shoes went HUNGRY on April 24
    Famine group outside church
    For 30 hours, beginning at 7AM, Saturday, April 24 and concluding 30 hours later by breaking their fast with Holy Communion on Sunday, April 25, a group of 26 people prayed, discussed, watched films, and participated in creative activities all on an empty stomach. The goal: To raise money and awareness for the refugees of Darfur and for the 24,000 children who die from hunger and hunger related causes every day.
    30 Hour Famine participantsAs part of In His Shoes' mission, the 30 Hour Famine allows participants to answer horrendous acts of evil, such as genocide with acts of love and compassion. Over $25,000 for hunger relief was collected (final tally pending).
    Sunday morning, a group called Survivor's Walk led by Rev. Fr. Avedis Abovian joined in the celebration Mass (Badarak) at the St. Peter Armenian Church Youth Ministries' Center. His Eminence the Primate, ABP Hovnan Derderian presided and commended the fasters and the walkers for their sacrifice and commitment to Genocide commemoration in a positive light.
    Pictured above left: Participants with Primate. Watch for links to photos, blogs, and follow-up stories.
    »»» Connect via our Podcasts ««« Listen to the Next Step with Fr. Vazken for Famine stories and updates.

    Khrimian to Obama:
    Lessons and Lies in Non-Violent Revolution

    At the invitation of the USC Institute of Armenian Studies, Father Vazken Movsesian, Chaplain of USC Armenian Students and Director of In His Shoes Ministries, presented a lecture entitled, "Khrimian to Obama: Lessons and Lies in Non-Violent Revolution”. The lecture took place on Monday, Feburary 1, 2010, 12 Noon at Waite Phillips Hall on the USC campus. Fr. Vazken looked at the models of non-violent revolution presented by the Armenian Church and focused on how Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez used that same RELIGIOUS models to advance their causes. In so doing, his lecture pointed towards answers that can be found to the Armenian Question and National Identity which is no further than the faith/belief system Armenians have been engaged in and expounding for the last 2000 years. Due to popular demand, the lecture was recorded and made available for all to view.

    "The Left Hand of God"
    is theme of 2010 Retreat king10
    Mugrdich Khirimian, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez & Hrant Dink
    all part of the 2010 Martin Luther King Retreat - held over the MLK weekend at Rancho La Scherpa, in beautiful Santa Barbara County. This was the 7th annual retreat and was the best yet, with talks, films, discussions... nature, hikes, meditation, prayer and more discussions.
    Different Place... Same Pain

    Haitan Mom Armenian Quake icon

    Walk IN HIS SHOES... In 1988 the world came to the aid of Armenia following the devastating earthquake which claimed 25,000+ lives. Today, we're asking Armenians to walk in the shoes of the victims of the Haitian Earthquake. Donate generously through In His Shoes. All funds go directly to IMMEDIATE earthquake relief. It's the same pain, just a different place. DONATE NOW securely and write "Earthquake" in Comments area of form. In His Shoes has partnered with World Vision to deliver your donations. As of February 4, 2010 we received an update stating "Food distributions are running smoothly, focus on women and children, and much work still to be done."
    Food Distribution Facts:
    ·     World Vision staff provided two-week rations to women on behalf of some 16,000 households in Delmas, Nazon and Cite Soleil.  By the end of distributions on February 3, more than 415 metric tons of rice were distributed for the benefit of more than 66,000 people.
    ·     The distributions are part of a joint effort between the World Food Program and eight relief agencies in which 1.6 million people are expected to receive food.
    ·     World Vision’s distributions will benefit an estimated 400,000 people over the next few weeks.
    Please continue to send in your donations. While access food and supplies is improving, there is still an urgent need for shelter.

    (1988- Earthquake-Armenia: Mkho Photo)   
    (2010 - Washington Post Photo)

    Nataline Sarkisyan's Story, music video and the corrupted U.S. healthcare system
    Nataline Sarkisyan
    » DATELINE NBC: Critical Condition Part 5

    » DATELINE NBC: Critical Condition Part 6

    » Nataline Sarkisyan's Parents Come Face to Face...

    » Benefit Song MUSIC VIDEO

    » Nataline's Fashion Legacy

    A Christmas Message  

    Five Myths about Darfur - Washington Post 12/20/09

    Rev. Fr. Kourken Mouradian 1928-2009

    Fr. Kourken

    It is with sadness that we inform our followers of the passing of the Rev. Father Kourken Mouradian , on Friday, December 18, 2009. Father Kourken was an integral part of the ministry we built in the Glendale area, assisting Father Vazken during the formative years of the Youth Ministries’ Center. He was appointed as the Father Confessor of the Youth Ministries’ Center, by the Primate, Archbishop Hovnan Derderian. During the last year he had suffered with health issues preventing him from coming to the church building, but his heart and spirit never left.
    Funeral services will take place at the Youth Ministries Center (632 W. Stocker St., Glendale, CA) as follows: Vespers on Tuesday, December 22, 7PM and Divine Liturgy and Final Consecration on Wednesday, December 23 at 10AM. The Diocesan Primate, Archbishop Hovnan will preside. May God rest the soul of His departed servant, Fr. Kourken, and grant comfort to all the family and friends.

    Biographical Notes (in Armenian)

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