In His Shoes is an organization which rallies support for those who suffer in the world. 
In His Shoes was created in response to acts of Genocide perpetrated against the Armenian nation in 1915.
We believe those who have suffered evil have a unique responsibility to take action against injustice to others.
Our actions are based on Christ’s principles of love, compassion and repaying evil with good.


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Open Letter from Fr. Vazken - This Day in History... (Dec. 18, 2008)

Tonight the Christmas Spirit will come to LA as Gor Mkhitarian releases his 7th CD, “Spirit” with a concert in Los Angeles.

I’m writing to share my enthusiasm about this CD with you. The “Spirit” CD represents much more than the release of some new music. It reflects the feelings and expressions of a new generation in a true spirit of respect for the past, love for life to today and hope for tomorrow. The songs harmoniously weave ancient church music with the pop sound that is so uniquely Gor Mkhitarian.

I’m proud to have been part of this project from the beginning and ask that you join us for the CD-Release concert, tomorrow, December 18, at Zipper Hall (across from the Disney Concert Hall in Downtown LA).

The concert is presented by the In His Shoes Mission, and proceeds benefit its many projects that bring relief to the suffering people in the world. In particular, In His Shoes provides humanitarian aid and assistance to people that have experienced by Genocide, such as in Darfur. In His Shoes seeks to answer even the most despicable acts of hatred with the Love taught by Jesus Christ.

At this Christmas season, I ask that you join us in celebrating the Birth of Love, by being a part of history. The last time the Armenian spirit was rocked like this was in the Middle Ages. Don’t wait for another 700 years to pass to get another chance! Come and experience the Spirit with us tomorrow evening at Zipper Hall. We’re also pleased to feature the music of Mariam Matossian, in her First West Coast performance.

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