In His Shoes is an organization which rallies support for those who suffer in the world. 
In His Shoes was created in response to acts of Genocide perpetrated against the Armenian nation in 1915.
We believe those who have suffered evil have a unique responsibility to take action against injustice to others.
Our actions are based on Christ’s principles of love, compassion and repaying evil with good.


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Youth Group Focuses Vision on Church Music

Focused VisionFocused Vision is the first recording of the young voices of St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Pasadena. This unique recording melds the ancient hymns of the Armenian Church with the enthusiasm of modern day life.

The Focused Vision CD expresses the efforts of a young group of Armenians who focused themselves on the mission and energy of the Church. It was pastor Fr. Vazken Movsesian who expounded the vision for the youth. It became the reason why the youth group (ACYO) of the parish grew and why the young men and women were committed to such a refreshing undertaking. The vision is simple: By focusing on Christ’s Sacrfice, we lose the self, we are able to focus on the One who gives us peace, energy and the ability to love.

Dr. Noubar Sethian, M.D., noted for his work with choral groups in Baghdad, instructed and conducted the Youth Choir. The group had its debut on Palm Sunday, when Fr. Vazken invited them to sing a few of the songs of the Divine Liturgy. Their angelic voices triggered enough positive reaction to encourage the members to continue learning. Under the Dr. Sethian’s very capable and methodic system of teaching, the Youth Choir reached their goal by Summer’s end. 

The CD was produced through the dedication of many individuals and members of the parish. Vasken Derantreassian of Pacifique Studios, North Hollywood, engineered and mastered the entire production. Manufacturing was handled by Mike Tavoukjian, CEO of Maxi Cassette Productions, Inc. in Duarte. Artwork was produced by Ken T. Nalik. All services were donated to make the vision real and thereby making this production truly a labor of love for the glory of God. The producer is Aram Krikorian and logistical arrangements were all handled by Setrak Kopoushian.

Special guest flautist, Andrea Kirazian is featured on several of the tracks. She compliments the voices with her deep and intense interpretation of the Liturgy. ACYO member Hovig Artinian, plays organ with his spiritual fluidity that keep the choir united throughout the recording.

The CD was released on November 30, 2002 at an ACYO convention banquet held in Pasadena. The audience was treated to a short presentation. Fr. Vazken remarked that, “When young people focus on God, miracles can happen. With the production of this CD, we once again witnessed that the Divine Liturgy is relevant and can be sung as a celebration of life.”

Word-of-mouth publicity made the CD a very popular gift during the Christmas Season. The songs awaken and inspire the inner soul of the listener. Hundreds of congratulatory messages have been received from throughout the world.

The recording features selections from the Holy Divine Liturgy and scriptural narration in Armenian and English.

The Youth Choir sang the entire Liturgy on December 1 at the ACYO convention with Bishop Sion, Primate of Armavir celebrating. On January 2, 2003, the group sang at a special outdoor liturgy, marking the start of the Youth Ministry, with Fr. Vazken celebrating.

This CD is an expression of faith and love. It is where this small group of young people choose to focus their vision and energy. Enjoy and all praise to God. You can order a copy by selecting the Buy Now button below.



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